5 Benefits of After-School Activities

5 Benefits of After-School Activities

In Nepal, many schools lack the facilities and resources to provide students with after-school programming. This leaves behind the students in all-round development. Uplift aims to change this by providing extracurricular support to students in Nepal.

  1. Help build social skills.
    After school activities is a great way for students to connect with others and develop their communication and social skills. This really helps the students grow and interact with people in the long run, which will positively impact their life and career.
  2. Discover self-interests
    Various activities such as arts, music, sports, science, community, climate, etc helps children learn about diverse issues and engage in activities. This helps the students identify what they like and provides an opportunity to discover their self-interests.
  3. Team-Building
    Engaging in after-school programs provides opportunities to work in a team. This will help the children will learn how to work as a team in a group and also valuable skills on tackling conflict.
  4. Improve studies
    New learning methods and technologies are introduced in after-school programs that help improve the students academically and also make the learning fun.
  5. Engage and Empower
    After-school programs encourages students to engage in various aspects of academics and activities that they find interesting. It helps them network and get to know people and the community. This will help empower the students lives for many years to come.

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