Uplift creates opportunities for students to explore their inner-self to mindfully engage and indulge in academics and activities for an all-round development.

Our Projects

Our small effort to UPLIFT the future


Our Academic Support program uses variety of instructional method, learning resources, and educational services that helps the students succeed in classroom. Our volunteers and mentors use various learning methodologies to enable students to grasp core concepts. We make learning fun and faster with the use of technology and creating access to resources (Library, Encyclopedias, etc). The ultimate goal is to not only put the students in school but to help them achieve academic goals, if not perfection!


We provide resources to support after-school activities in public schools. The project aims to introduce students to different activities which will create a platform for students to engage in different areas of interests. After-school activities helps in forming relationships, foster learning, and become more successful. Our after-school project for students are designed to help young minds explore different topics to develop a deeper understanding of subject matters.


We provide Mentoring/Coaching program that aims at helping the children grow through Learning by Doing. Students learn how academic theory is applied in real world. This can be through informative sessions or job shadowing or internship with their mentors. Children will also learn and explore hobbies with mentor (sports, arts, crafts, job, volunteer) which will help shape their future outlook. Our mentors also provides academic counseling to students to get into colleges that fits the child's interests and goals.


You can UPLIFT too!!



Donation to UPLIFT goes to empower each student under our program. It funds us to provide necessary supplies for the students' activities.


Become a Mentor or Volunteer

We are looking for professionals young at heart, and youngsters rich with energy to be part of our amazing network.



You really want to get involved, but you are too far away. You can share your ideas with us and we can fundraise together to UPLIFT our children.

Our little journey...

Uplift – is a group of like-minded professionals contributing towards upliftment of academic, extra-curricular, mentoring, and career advising for students in Nepal.


Uplift creates opportunities for students to explore their inner-self to mindfully engage and indulge in academics and activities for an all-round development.


  • Shared Knowledge We all possess a specialized skill and it is our duty to share what we know to uplift others.
  • Technology Information is at the tip of your fingers and it is crucial to teach young minds how to access right information through technology.
  • Exploration Exposure in various field helps young mind grow and explore their full potential.


  • To provide academic support to students to improve their understanding of concept and career outlook, and to help in better academic success.
  • To provide training on innovative teaching methodology to teachers.
  • To provide extra-curricular activities for all-round development of self.
  • To provide mentoring to students to meet life and career goals.
  • To serve individuals who didn't have access to formal education or activities by providing coaching and training for improved and sustainable livelihood.


Science and Technology | Arts and Music | Sports and Recreation | Health and Medicine | Environment and Climate | Horticulture | Higher Education and Career | Mentoring and Coaching

Contact UPLIFT

  •   +977 985 116 5997
  •   Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal


A Professor Dentist by profession, Dr. Deepti focuses on medical well-being of the students and counseling on medical school and profession.


Executive Director
A successful ecotourism entrepreneur, Tsering has helped rebuild his village after the earthquake and provided education to many children's from remote villages of Langtang.

Tsering Lama

Livelihood Advisor

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Our Community Partners

Our Community Partners that UPLIFT with us!

Shri Ganesh School

We support students from Shri Ganesh Primary School in Duwakot, Bhaktapur. There are 88 students from kindergarten to grade 5. Most of the children are from very poor families and their parents are labourers.


Fair Impacts provides sustainability solutions to non-profits and private sectors. It focuses on building internal capacity to protect environmental and social issues while creating maximum impact.

Isahara Nepal

Isahara Nepal is a UK based volunteer group that provides funding to UPLIFT. The group has been focused on providing education and medical care to disadvantaged children in Nepal after the earthquake.

Our Sustainable Projects

Sustainable Projects

Our Small effort to be Self-Sustainable. We provide training and market linkages to communities to create an economic-cycle through interlinked services and products.


We provide capacity development programs for local tourism entrepreneurs and create market linkages to promote sustainable tourism. We organize uplifting adventures where our guests can volunteer and contribute across Nepal. We also organize leisure trips and treks and help our travelers learn about the beautiful history of Nepal including the people and nature.


We provide skills training and value-added services to grassroots artisans. We help brand and market beautifully handcrafted products like knitwear, jewelries, home decor, and artwork of marginalized communities. This helps raise income level of our suppliers, provide ethical products for our customers, and source of funds for our children.


We offer agricultural training and market linkages to help small farmers get better yield and financial returns. We support farmers in agri-business training, farming techniques, and market development. We focus on farmers in remote areas to create an inter-linked products and eco-village to improve their economic standards.